IMG_6329Obstetrics is a special field of medicine that provides support to all pregnant women regardless of the complexity of their pregnancies. Together we will plan a tailored approach to your pregnancy care taking into account those factors that are important to you incorporated into a safe framework. I believe in a holistic view of pregnancy care that may very well involve the support of allied health care providers. Your pregnancy is very important to me and as such, I will be available to help at all hours of the day. I will ensure that your pregnancy progresses as nature intended but should there be issues for your baby or you at any point, you can have the confidence that I will be there to optimise the pregnancy and to achieve a safe delivery. An experienced and entrusted midwife will be available to provide help and support through the pregnancy and early motherhood. Dr Jason Ting delivers at RPA, The Mater, North Shore Private and Prince of Wales Private hospitals.

IMG_6429The first meeting with Dr Ting will consist of a detailed consultation and a review of all relevant tests (blood tests, imaging – x-rays/ultrasounds/CT scans). It would be important to ensure that these test results are with you at the time of the consultation.

A female chaperone is available during examinations.

Dr Ting’s areas of special interest in obstetrics:


  • Normal delivery
  • Planned caesarean delivery
  • Safe birthing for mother and baby
  • High risk obstetrics
    • Gestational/pre-existing diabetes and pregnancy
    • Hypertension and pregnancy